What is Act Belong Commit?

The A-B-C guidelines for positive mental health provide a simple approach that we can adopt to become more mentally healthy:


Keep mentally, physically and socially active: take a walk, say g’day, read a book, do a crossword, dance, play cards, stop for a chat…


Join a book club, take a cooking class, be more involved in groups you are already a member of, go along to community events…


Take up a cause, help a neighbour, learn something new, set yourself a challenge, help out at the school or meals on wheels…

Being active, having a sense of belonging, and having a purpose in life all to contribute to good mental health.

What Does it mean to be mentally healthy?

It means that most of the time you feel good about yourself, good about what you do, and good about others. You enjoy the simple things in life, feel fairly optimistic about the future, and are interested about what’s going on in the world.